Instant favorite, Magical City

Oh god, this book! This is heaven, seriously. I just adore the pictures that are a bit like puzzles, at first glance they’re insane and once you start coloring, magic happens. Magical City indeed! I bought this for myself as a

Lizzie Mary Cullen has a new book coming, Magical Journey, preorder on Bookdepository says the release date will be June 16. I admit to pressing the checkout button, go press yours – HERE 😛

Went with Prismacolors and yep, still hate them. My tin is full of broken pencils and they don’t even sharpen to a point before breaking so I have to go with dull pencils. Feels like coloring with crayons or something, absolutely dreadful. But the saturation is wonderful and intense colors and some that I dearly wish other brands would have as well.


Nevermind the Polychromos, I did do Prismas, I just took the picture when I was already working on another piece with Polychromos 🙂


Wild Savannah

This time went for Wild Savannah by Millie Marotta. The paper is nice, quite thick. Can’t take water I think though, haven’t tried so not sure. But it’s full of gorgeous pieces, I went with this:


Done with Caran D’Ache Luminance (what a waste of the blue :D) and white gel pen. Photo is pretty bad but the blue drove my camera insane, this was the best I could get.


Enchanted Forest, first page

First page of a big quest to fill this book. I generally prefer to color bits and pieces here and there but something about this book makes me want to take up the challenge of coloring everything in it. I bet it will take me like seven years but here we go, page one 🙂

Much better paper then the ancient print of Secret Garden that I have and should repurchase but there are too many books in my wishlist already, plus I have the Artist Edition now and that will be great as well, want to try Inktense on that.
Anyway finished the front page of Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford, could use a little more attention but I felt I want to move on:


Colored using FC Polychromos. I love Johannas books, they’re very very cool. I’m currently waiting for the Lost Ocean I ordered, can’t wait to see that one as well 🙂

Starting the madness!

Starting a record of a very slow progress through coloring books. I aim to do some reviews on pencils and books and show completed pieces as I go along. And one day maybe some tutorials, we’ll see 🙂

Secret Garden, FC Polychromos:
My copy of the Secret Garden is the first print, the paper of it is so bad it makes me want to cry. Or cringe. After these, I’m done. My most awesome husband gave me the Artist Edition for my birthday, I’ll be working on that in the future I suspect 🙂